They are buttons made of olive wood, which once manufactured are given a wax so that they do not spoil. If you want you can also be done without wax. They also can be burned, that gives them an aged look.


They are buttons made of coconut shell. Which gives them a very natural and detoned tree bark look.

We can offer it to you at Natural Coconut or Whitte Coconut.

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The corozo comes from the fruit of a tropical palm tree.

Corozo buttons are made from a natural corozo powder mixed with recycled polyester.

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These buttons are made of vegetable cotton and recycled polyester fibers. They have a very special finish, they look like cloth buttons.

As an absolute innovation, we can obtain a double color effect on the same button using compatible dyes on the two components of the item (cotton and recycled polyester).

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The material used is 60% hemp fiber. This is a very resistant material that grows quickly with little water and does NOT require pesticides or other chemical agents. They are available in 7 colours.

Hemp has more than 50,000 commercial uses; all items made of wood or oil can be made with hemp as a fiberglass component.

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These buttons are in the same line of natural products such as shell, leather and corozo buttons.

It contains 80% of natural products from the food industry and 20% of technical binders and fillers to give resistance. This material does not contain petroleum derivatives and can be dyed with polyester dye.

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This are buttons made of natural shells.

There are two types of shell, the AKOYA models that have a pearly gray color and it is a very irregular button and the RIVER that has a whiter appearance and is a button with a very perfect finish.

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They are buttons made of natural leather. It is a Noble material that gives a special elegance to the piece.

Leather comes from farms, never from the wild natural environment, it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Eco-leather is a material composed of regenerated leather. It has a leather part and a piece of binders.

The look and feel is the same as NATURAL leather, but at a lower cost and with smaller minimums for ordes.

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Buttons made from Ox antler.

100% Natural, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly product.

IT does NOT come from wild animals, environmentally friendly.

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