Buy buttons in small quantities

When buying buttons, we can use them for different applications such as children's buttons, shirt buttons above all, but it is important to remember that they are not only used for clothing and crafts. It can also be used in home decoration and even in jewelry making.

Different types of buttons

There are buttons of all sizes and shapes that are manufactured in a variety of materials, from the oldest ones such as wooden buttons, hemp, choir, wood, to the most new ones such as Nylon and polyester. This doesn't mean they have a higher price.

Buying online buttons is easy, but some things should be taken into account when ordering.

It is important to find quality buttons that adapt to the garment and the care of it. If the buttons are to be placed in decoration such as bags, boxes or crafts, you can use natural buttons that draw attention and give an exclusive touch where they are placed.

Features to keep in mind to buy buttons

If the buttons are for baby clothes you can use natural products such as coconut, shell, wood, choir, recycled cotton, semola etc.

These types of buttons have different resistance to washing, we advise you to see the technical specifications in each type of material.

If on the contrary the buttons are for school gowns or work wardrobes the material ideal for this type of garments would be the polyester or nylon as it is very resistant to washing and the passage of time.

Does the button size matter?


Also take into account the size of the button to be applied. We must think of what amount we need, we can choose between 1, 50, 250 or 500 units. If the app is going to be for a child's garment there are many varieties and colors to choose from a ladybug to a star. If we want to give a more modern touch to a closet bottom garment, we can apply a chromed button and it will look new.

Buy buttons in small quantities

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